Company Overview

Our Mission

Through innovation and Internet-based technology, ITG’s mission is to improve the tax landscape by bringing consumers and tax professionals together to share, access, and collaborate on tax information.

ITG accomplishes its mission by the following initiatives:

  • Listening to and understanding the needs of individuals, businesses and tax professionals;
  • Effectively organizing news, articles, videos and information on tax subjects;
  • Fostering productive relationships with contributors, reporters and tax professionals;
  • Creating and hosting local, state and national centers upon which individuals and businesses can communicate and interact with others with respect to particular tax subjects;
  • Producing unique content that overcomes the inherent limitations of the topic of tax; and
  • Encouraging discovery on tax policies, subjects and topics.

ITG approaches all tasks with dedication, policy-neutrality and constructive viewpoints.  Through hard work and passion, we can improve the tax landscape.

Tax Effect

Taxes are everywhere and affect us daily.  Tax policies and ballot measures result in tax laws and legislation that apply to each of us.  At national, state and local levels, tax becomes the subject of debate, spawning discussions about what to tax and to what extent. Our income, property and purchases are likely subject to tax.  Debate aside, knowing the tax impact of activities and events improves our understanding of the financial impacts of these activities and events.  The volumes of code sections, regulations and laws make it difficult to comprehend or discuss.  While affected by tax every day, each of us is challenged with understanding many aspects of tax.  Many discussions about improving our tax system take place, but often by those who have not been provided the resources, tools and opportunity to understand our system today.  Those with access to effective tax research, tax tools and tax planning gain an advantage.  Because taxes affect us all and taxes are mandatory, websites that enable and foster collaboration between taxpayers and tax professionals make sense.

As the tax laws and regulations grow more complex each day, you deserve easy-to-navigate sites to access all the information you may need about tax.  ITG strives to make a difference. Our websites inform, encouraging collaboration and discovery about tax.  On TaxTV, you can watch videos about tax topics, read articles from contributors and participate in discussion boards.  If you want to network and find a particular tax professional, find them on TaxProConnect or through the activities on TaxTV. In the future, ITG plans to launch additional sites, all with the objective of providing you with information about taxes.

The ITG Online Network

Our current online network of sites includes and Through tools, features and information on these sites, consumers and tax professionals can make more informed decisions or find the assistance needed to solve a tax problem


TaxTV ( is a consumer-focused Website devoted to producing informative tax information on vast array of topics in an easy-to-understand format.  The site is separated into various centers concentrated on specific subject matters, industries, locales and taxpayers.  Filled with articles, videos and in-depth analysis, the centers provide users with information and other materials to better understand taxes.


TaxProConnect ( is the Internet’s first online directory of tax professionals that include practitioners such as CPAs, tax attorneys, accountants or enrolled agents together with non-practitioners such as educators, IRS commissioners, tax court judges and others who take part in the tax landscape.